Personality for Dog People of AB Type Blood

Dog people of AB-type blood are overbearing, unreasonable, more brave than wise, intelligent in small ways and take advantage of others; once they suffer losses, they would think about revenge but just cannot do it. They have limited friends who are mercenary and have no good but trouble to them.


With a kind and soft heart, Dogs of AB blood type are meticulous at work and hate the careless attitude. They are sentimental and often sympathize and help the suffering people. Diligent, practical, highly responsible and careful, they work in an orderly way and don't like to display or show off achievements because they are introverted and reserved. Seemingly dumb and ordinary, they are passionate inside, warm, generous, frank and sincere rather than impersonal once you get along with them after a long time. They love their parents and children very much, though others might be unaware of it. In poor words, Dogs of AB-type blood tend to show love to loved ones through friends or relatives, then start a relationship and get married in a traditional way. They usually enjoy a happy marriage, keep loyal, devoted and caring to their partners and make the life full of the glory of love.


Seemingly tough and indifferent, they make others feel unfriendly, enigmatic and formidable. As for career, AB-type Dogs like to follow procedures and lack of pioneering spirit. In daily life, they are discreet, indecisive and not witty enough, thus often live an ordinary life without favorable turns. Even if they get good chances, they will miss due to the hesitated attitude. Sometimes, their leaders want to give them important tasks in view of their diligence, but they often lose the opportunity to show due to the irresolute and indecisive attitude. With a great self-control, they spend every day in a well-behaved and honest manner and seldom create romance for loved ones.


AB-type Dogs are suggested to read some jokes and learn some fashion trends to change the strait-laced impression, which will benefit both interpersonal communication and love relationship. Once halt between two opinions, they may seek advice from the most trusted rather than tangle alone and miss the opportunity. Also, they are suggested to find a lively, cheerful, and calm partner, who can bring them joy with optimism and humor and make life always full of sunshine.