Personality for Sheep People of AB Type Blood

Sheep of AB-type blood are silent, sentimental, sensitive, brilliant and polite. Known for diligence and thriftiness, they are quite saving and know clearly about what to buy and not to buy. Their weakness lies in that they are easily upset and unwilling to talk to others, and cannot stand setback or criticism.


AB-type Sheep are gentle, quiet, kind and neat, and always put everything in good order. While interacting with friends and colleagues, they are modest and respectful and enjoy great popularity. Due to their meticulous attitude, they win recognition from superiors who would assign them some trivial yet important tasks. Quite competent in financial management, they advocate thrift and carefully calculate each expense but they are not stingy. As a result, they save a lot every month and generally have a large amount of wealth. Sheep people of AB-type blood, with inner peace, only want to live a peaceful life, show no interest in trifles and have few troubles. For love, they are demanding, never yield and would rather remain single if they cannot find the ideal partners. In their eyes, family and marriage are more important than anything else and they would work hard for family willingly.


However, they are accustomed to being alone, don't like to talk to others and often feel blue for something unhappy, seemingly very asocial and preoccupied. Though they are kind and gentle, they are not broad-minded or above personal grudges but have a strong withstanding ability. When the limit is reached, they may break out and even cause unmanageable consequences. With neither passion for life nor lofty aspiration, AB-type Sheep miss a lot of opportunities and may live an ordinary life.


They are suggested to read more books about interpersonal communication, make more friends and share more inner thoughts with friends. Once they feel wronged or have something in mind, they should not hold back, or the outbreak will lead to worse results. It is nice to be meticulous in life but do not be obsessed with details. Above all, do not limit the vision and life circle tightly, see more things beyond life to get the important opportunities in life. As for love, female AB-type Sheep are sticklers for neatness and they are gentle yet stubborn, hence should find a cheerful, optimistic and witty husband. Males are mild and stubborn, and they are suggested to marry a cheerful, lively and innocent woman.

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