Ox people of O-type blood are smart and open-minded for everything and they don't care about personal gains or losses. They can work well and keep on the rails. Generally, they are practical and moderate, do everything in an orderly way, struggle indomitably and get remarkable achievements after middle age. When it comes to love relationship, they are a little clumsy.


O-type Oxen are open and aboveboard, honest and kind, and always make selfless contributions. They work hard yet never take the credit, just like a silent and willing ox. At work, they'd like face all problems alone and never ask for help until they really have to. With an indomitable will, they generally accomplish the work well. Oxen of O-type blood attach great importance to friendship, uphold justice and always give a helping hand to friends in trouble. When they are in trouble, however, they seldom ask for help but rely on themselves. They don't like to send messages and would rather enjoy the funny news alone than gossip. As a result, many people would like to talk to them. They handle matters in a prudent and orderly way, often sum up experience and learn from mistakes, thus live a well-off life and make remarkable achievements after middle age. In love relationship, O-type Oxen always care about the loved ones, give a perfect sense of security to their partners and live together till old age.


Dull and insensible, they respond slowly to new things around and won't try a new thing until it's popular. They yearn for deep friendship and have a lot of bosom friends yet not good at developing and dealing with various social relations, thus have a quite small social circle. Despite of the diligent attitude, they are not good at showing themselves, so it takes a long time for their leaders and colleagues to discover their strengths, and they are doomed to experience a frustrated youth and mature slowly. Oxen of O blood type lack of execution and act slowly, losing a lot of opportunities. Due to the dull reaction, they even cannot realize that they are framed up. In the face of love, they are too shy to express or make themselves understood by the other, thus miss the chance.


Oxen of O-type blood are suggested to read more books about eloquence and interpersonal communication, try to express their opinions and ideas on different occasions, meet more friends, widen the interpersonal circle effectively and get more development opportunities. They should express their love boldly once have a crush on someone, or they will miss the chance because of the reserved attitude. Also, they should not find a partner of similar character because too much in common will make it hard to maintain the relationship. Positive and cheerful people under the Rat sign are the best choice for them.

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