Personality for Horse People of O Type Blood

O-type Horse People are emotional, love nature, and strive for romance. Highly vain, they have no plan for life and no standard of economy, thus often quite passive and get into living predicament.


O-type Horses are cheerful, optimistic, motivated, and eager to seek publicity and enjoy the hustle and bustle of life, addressing friends casually. Particular about efficiency and practicality, they would like to limit the time and compete the strength no matter what they do. Horses of O-type blood do not value money and have no plan for life, so they can't feel the life pressure and often live free and easy life. In fact, they are very smart, scheming, and beauty-oriented, and pay more attention to appearance while choosing a partner. With leadership skills, they are good at managing and make many friends because of their tolerance, which plays a positive role in their development.


O-type Horses make a lot of friends at will and have no intimate friends. They like luxury, have no standard of money but a strong sense of vanity and often cannot make both ends meet. Though cheerful and optimistic, they cannot recover but become weak and passive after a setback. Many a time, they lack patience, long-term vision and ambition, do as they wish, let nature take its course and seldom conflict with others because of competition; if they can be more moderate, hardworking and patient, they will find it easier to succeed. However, they usually shrink back in the face of competition, never work in a planned manner, and lack of thorough thinking. The sentimental character also has a great impact on their life unconsciously.


Horse People of O-type blood are passionate and dedicated in a relationship, looking forward to the good marriage. After getting married, they respect each other, give their partners enough freedom, love each other devotedly and live an independent life. However, they are fickle and may easily have a new sweetheart once pursued by someone who is young and pretty. Therefore, O-type Horses are suggested not to change about, or they will pay for it. In interpersonal communication, they should choose the dependable and enterprising friends, set life goals and work step by step rather than live in an aimless and freewheeling way and idle away their lives.