Personality for Horse People of AB Type Blood

AB-type Horse people prefer a free life and never keep on the rails. They are simple and kind, highly persevering and enterprising yet a little proud and look down on those inferior to them. Querulous and over-ambitious, they fear hardships and get farther and farther away from ideals despite of the arduous efforts.


Horse people of AB-type blood are enough of fantasy and lofty ideas. They are simple and kind, extremely desired to freedom and can't stand any bondage. Also, they like to imagine and dream of a colorful life and world, and hate the ordinary reality. With keen observation and creative ideas, they can do things perfectly in unexpected ways once they are determined. AB-type Horses are willing to help others and warmhearted in promoting public good, enjoying good interpersonal relationship. Highly self-motivated, they will feel restless if they cannot do things better than yesterday. Because of this, they tend to make a lot of achievements in youth. With elegant temperament, they hope to be recognized by others and pay great attention to their words and deeds. At the same time, they have dogged determination and would fight for the original dream throughout the whole life, no matter succeed or not.


Because of the high demand for freedom, they regard the disciplines that must be observed as shackles and would feel helpless once their leaders are principled. With a strong desire to show, AB-type Horses are eager to seek publicity, seek the limelight, and poke their noses into others' business to prove their value, which will inevitably divert their attention. Since they have extremely high ideals, they are not satisfied with reality and often complain a lot about life, even feel the struggle is boring. In love relationship, the personality leads to the dissatisfaction with present lover, so they change about inevitably. More or less, they look down upon those who are inferior to them and hurt others unintentionally. 


AB-type Horses are suggested to be practical and learn to observe disciplines. Human beings are social beings and it is fine to pursue freedom. They may avoid the places with more constraints according to their hobbies but they need to observe disciplines and respect others as long as they communicate with others. They may pursue their dreams throughout the whole life step by step to fully grasp the progress.