Personality for Dog People of O Type Blood

Dog people of O-type blood are independent, proud, unrestrained, out of control and heroic. Full of justice, Dogs of O blood type usually treat people and things correctly, like to work outdoor and desire to excel over others in competition. They are devoted to love and regardless of gain and loss. 


Dog people who have O blood type are loyal, intelligent, brave, optimistic, and faithful to friends, and sometimes would rather suffer losses than bother others. They are upright, devoted to friends and would go all out to help friends in troubles; also, they are loyal and meticulous at work. Dogs of O type hate injustice like poison, fight determinedly against evildoers and wrongdoings, and even sacrifice life. With quick wits and great judgment, they usually make outstanding achievements both in study and work and are well received by teachers and leaders; sometimes, they flatter and serve the hour to please their classmates, teachers and leaders. Of good interpersonal relationship, they often call friends and gather joyfully. Lofty and righteous, they don't care about minor losses, are quite good at social engagements and can do things well and rationally. What's more, they are agile and quick to respond, treat things objectively, and always solve the arduous tasks skillfully out of their competitive minds. In the meantime, they are loyal and devoted to family, good-tempered and obedient to their partners.


Sometimes, Dog people of O-type blood are quite emotional and not calm enough, and even shout crazily at the critical moments, harassing and panicking others. They like to trust and suspect others: always follow friends' advice, they lose themselves and become weak-minded; the suspicious attitude leads to their inner conflict. Also, they are too proud to subject to command and restraint and often take themselves as great heroes. They always seek to prevail over others in competition, and sometimes make others feel bullied, which is quite harmful to interpersonal relationship. In terms of love relationship, they seldom care about individual gains and losses and sometimes lack of own will, causing a lot of troubles to emotional life.


Male Dogs of O-type blood are suggested to find an open-minded, quiet, cheerful and humorous wife; female Dogs of O-type blood are suggested to find an optimistic, humorous, calm and competent husband. As long as they correct their attitude towards work and show their smart and brave side, they will make a career.