Tiger people of O-type blood are open, aboveboard, chivalrous and adventurous, and they always look for romance. The chief drawback lies in their emotional instability, which makes it hard for them to have intimate friends. For them, honor is paramount and they are pure, lofty and regardless of what others think, thus miss a lot of opportunities.


Tigers of O-type blood are frank, cheerful, simple, kind-hearted, quite optimistic and as uncomplicated as children, and never conceal a mood. Also, they are very confident, strong-minded and good at infecting others with a light and happy mood, attracting many friends. Since O-type Tigers are willing to expand their social circle, they have many acquaintances and often use relations to make life more convenient. With a strong sense of justice, they advocate morality, attach importance to honor and integrity, and forget about their own for the sake of faith and honor. Intolerant to evil behaviors, they are ready to help others, especially the weak, for a just cause. Also, they have a strong desire for performance, enjoy the limelight, often encourage colleagues and bring surprise to their love. With an impressive execution, O-type Tiger people are never dilatory, seldom disturbed by external factors or give up until reach their goals.


Though good at making friends, they sometimes ignore the old friends because of the new and have very few intimate friends. When it comes to love, they are fickle in affection and may break up the next day though deeply attached to each other today. O-type Tigers would feel the long-term single work boring, which is detrimental to the career development. Pure and lofty, they keep a certain distance from colleagues and often suffer losses in the job competition. Quite confident, they hardly listen to others and make others feel opinionated. When dealing with affairs, they often cut the knots and ignore the details, leading to the rough results.


O-type Tigers should be calm and sincere to their friends and partners because a true friend is better than 100 passers-by in life. The true love is not deliberately gorgeous - it can be as simple as children, but requires the adult shoulders to undertake the due obligations. While taking their own roads, they should be considerate and enter into others' feelings. It is good to be as dynamic as a tiger and full of spirit, but quality is more important than speed in work. For O-type Tigers, the prudent, considerate and strong-willed are the best partners who can make up for their shortcomings.

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