Personality for Horse People of B Type Blood

B-type Horses are honest, kindhearted, sympathetic and helpful to others, thus have many friends and often get help from others. However, they are fickle in love and tend to have new sweethearts, and be lonely and poor in old age.


Horse people of B-type blood are naturally cheerful, keep optimistic and enterprising in any situation, and can learn from friends' strong points. Lively and outspoken, they bring joy wherever they go and are master-hands of atmosphere. Easy-going and ready to offer help, they can get along well with anyone and have many friends. Once a friend is in trouble, they even ask help from others once they are capacity-constrained. B-type Horses are honest and never try tricks and plots but point out problems directly and hate those who inform secretly. Since they often help others, they are often paid back. Though they are not very capable, they have quite good luck and opportunities derived from those who get help from them, even get favorable information and development opportunities from peers, elders and juniors, thus find a job, start up business and pursue advanced studies smoothly. Generally, they have very few twists and turns in life and can pull through quickly with the help of friends and family even if they are frustrated.


Due to the extremely good luck with benefactors, they sail with the wind no matter what they do yet generate a strong dependence, always want to acquire success with the help of others and become lazier and lazier. If they only expect others' support, B-type Horses will spend a dull life without significant achievement until there's a miracle. The most obvious shortcoming lies in that they are not devoted in love. Romantic-natured, they start a relationship easily, even before the end of a previous one. Hence, they find it hard to meet the true love. As they get older, life becomes more and more miserable and they even have no one to depend on in old age.


B-type Horse people should find the loved ones rather than play with a relationship and let time take away their youth and love. Independence is what they need to learn most, because family and friends can only offer support and they need to work hard on their own to make better performance on the stage of life. They should try to do everything on their own to improve independence.