Pig people of O-type blood keep making process towards goals and they are straightforward, never stand upon trifles. Once they are wild about a certain matter, they will be absorbed in it regardless of other people's advice. It just happens to be the way they're made: they keep making the mistakes that others can avoid and make people around surprised, but they just laugh off.


Pigs of O blood type get used to advancing bravely regardless of details or other people's comments. They persist their old ways and are simple-minded, kind-hearted and not suspicious, thus prone to deceit. Because of the studious feature of O-type blood and the innate laziness of Pig, they always wander between action and idea. Being broad-minded, they never quibble or think about revenge. Full of energy and challenging spirit, they are brave enough to take burdens, like to fight alone and shrink from difficulties. Talented in organizing and calling people together, they might be shrewd leaders. As for love, they are frank and will express their love directly once fall in love with someone. Also, they can fully show their temperament and charm. They have a strong self-awareness yet it won't leave a bad impression or make others entangled.


Since they keep making process towards goals, never stand upon trifles and are absorbed in something wild about regardless of others' advice, they don't have many sincere friends. Also, they keep making the mistakes that can be avoided, even people around are surprised about their mistakes. Pigs of O-type blood are quite prudent in investment and often miss the good opportunities because of the over-caution. In terms of love relationship, they are so stubborn that they often get entangled in trifles and have the relationship affected.


Male Pigs of O-type blood are suggested to find a quiet, graceful, optimistic and generous wife while females are suggested to have a capable, frank and aggressive husband. When it comes to career, Pig people of O-type blood should overcome the fault of impatience, carelessness and failing to focus on priorities. They shouldn't be too lazy but take the challenges bravely. Also, they are advised to be careful about the strangers as they are too kind to stay away from deceit.