Personality for Dragon People of O Type Blood

O-type Dragons are cheerful, sober-minded, calm, efficient in both brainy and brawny activities, and politically sensitive. They have a large circle of friends and love to talk about state affairs regardless of the occasions.


Highly confident, even self-conceited, Dragon People of O-type blood never admit defeat and always seek to prevail over others. Perfectly just and impartial, they are generous, like to offer help, and have the great appeal, organizing ability and leadership manner, thus usually play an important post role in the workplace. With an extremely strong willpower, they hold out for every decision and do everything for private interests but show the side of devoting for the state and the people and put themselves in the position of victim, which is quite a shrewd manner. Also, they are very passionate and full of fantasy and romance in love. Gentle and dependent women will get crazy for Dragon males of O-type blood based on the long-term observation.


Since they are not sophisticated and frank enough and love to show off, O-type Dragons often offend others and bring the interpersonal relationship into a dilemma. When they express personal opinions, they usually neglect the occasions and raise eyebrows of other people. They talk about state affairs wildly and make others feel boring or rigid. Generally, their luck tends to rise and fall throughout the life. Sometimes, they go their own ways and ignore others' ideas; the wildly fantastic adventures, however, often lead to failure and get them in trouble. They often play petty tricks and sometimes suffer from their wisdom, mess things up and invite the disgusting eyes despite of the good intentions. In a relationship, the wild, reckless and crazy love always accomplishes the very opposite and makes the quiet opposite sex retreat.


Since it takes a long time to test love, O-type Dragons usually attract the gentle and dependent opposite sex. On the one hand, they indulge in happiness. On the other hand, they keep their career in mind, so as to better enjoy the happiness of love. Both male and female O-type Dragons are strong in career and seldom do housework. As a result, they are suggested to find a gentle, considerate, careful, simple, sincere and tolerant partner, concentrate on their own work, talk less and listen more to colleagues. A low profile will reward them a lot.

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