Personality for Horse People of A Type Blood

With a big difference in personality, Horse People of A-type blood are optimistic, cheerful, and humorous and play with friends liberally when things go well but become heavyhearted, depressing, and even irritable when things go wrong. They are honest with friends, observe tradition, respect the aged and take good care of children and never raise tough questions to others. They are enduring doers who make great efforts but give ordinary performance.


Horses of A-type blood are simple, kind, broad-minded and not calculating, thus worth as friends. Sincerity is their consistent attitude towards others. They never conceal themselves or play up to others, attracting a group of reliable and loyal friends. Seemingly innocent, they are actually calm and mellow, can weigh the advantages and disadvantages, make overall consideration and set priorities properly. Warm and mild in personality, they are understanding, think for others and enjoy great popularity. Naturally optimistic, they always think from the best side and have good luck. Also, A-type Horses are the joy hard to resist and it is relaxing and joyful to be with them. Besides, they are quite observant, always can seize any opportunity and go all out to fight. For them, any idea has no practical significance only if it is put into practice and they only believe those who speak with facts. They work like a horse, spend time to study and often have good performance. In the face of adversity, they are extraordinarily indomitable and break through easily. 


A-type Horse people work hard but find it hard to get others' appreciation because they often ignore some objective techniques and invisible factors. They are hot-tempered and would fight with the one who provokes them immediately, making others feel incomprehensible. In daily life, they are arbitrary, overconfident and opinionated and don't listen to others. Also, they are a little selfish and become passive and pessimistic, even depressed once at low points.


Since they are quite emotional, A-type Horses are suggested to talk with friends when they are frustrated, so as to be suddenly enlightened and become calm and optimistic again. In a love relationship, they like to control or depend on their loved ones. Usually, the mighty love makes the other almost suffocated; give certain space to love, the relationship will go better. If they can cherish the hard-won love, life will get sweeter and sweeter.