confused choosing an auspicious day for 10/2019


I'm looking to choose a couple of auspicious days to get married in October of this year, however I'm getting confused with what the site is telling me. My zodiac is the horse and my wife-to-be's is a rat and from the looks of it 10/7, 10/14, 10/16, and 10/23 are auspicious days for a wedding. Clicking the Details button for each of those dates give auspicious times for each zodiac sign and this is where I'm confused. For example on 10/7 the rat's hours are 23:00-00:59 where it's labeled as Bad and clashes with the horse. Does this mean any time except this time would be good for a rat? For that same day the horse's hours are 11:00-12:59 and it's also labeled as Bad and clashes with the rat. Does this ultimately mean that this day is an auspicious one provided we avoid those times? Then for 10/23 for the same hours for the horse it's labeled as Good. Does that mean it's only good to get married at that specific time only?

also, what do the yellow stars on certain days mean?

lastly, what does the directions mean of Evil, Lucky, and Wealth specifically in the example of Evil coming from the West?

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Hi NM,

Yes, you should avoid the time bad for your sign. The good time can be selected to hold the ceremony.

Evil Direction means you should avoid do important thing in that direction. Wealth Direction is the good direction for you to seek wealth.

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