Rat in Love

Rat is one of the top four zodiac signs blessed in love relationship. People born in the year of the Rat are usually good-looking, elegant and quite popular among the opposite sex.
Kind and honest by nature, Rat people can be stubborn in some ways and have a very keen awareness of unexpected development and intuition, thus quite uncertain in love and subject to the influence of surroundings. For them, the sense of security is probably the most needed thing in a relationship. 
Tenderness and carefulness are the qualities peculiar to Rat people who look forward to the romantic relationship as well as unexpected romance and surprise in love. 
Once they are sweet on someone, they will never look back but love in a stubborn way; at the very beginning, their relationship can be very intense but when it cools off, they would become very sensitive to all sorts of things in love, get suspicious and lose themselves. 
As a result, you need to give priority to romance and the indispensable sense of security if you are in love with a Rat person.
People of Rat sign always pursue the ideal love but no one can get a perfect relationship. Therefore, they are suggested to think less about it and show more trust to each other; a proper distance can make the relationship more romantic and beautiful.
How to make a Rat love you more? The Rat's view of love is a constant pursuit of better lover. This does not mean he/she is fickle in love - he/she is just quite demanding to his/her partner in terms of both appearance and ability. When you are in love with a Rat, make sure you are elegant and decent all the time, and keep learning to improve your inner cultivation and ability.

Rat Man in Love

Male Rats are conservative, prudent, broad-minded, smart and optimistic and usually hold a realistic attitude in a love relationship. Once they fall for someone, they would become motivated in career and wish to move their girlfriends with the material resource. → Male Rats' Attitude Towards Love   

Rat Woman in Love

Women born in Rat years always daydream and pursue the insubstantial love. They wish to be the best lovers both in terms of look and soul. Meanwhile, female Rats are self-willed, demand freedom and equality in love, and respect their lovers. It is the capable men that can win the love of Rat women. However, they will be disappointed when they figure out their lovers are not as capable as imagined. → Female Rats' Attitude Towards Love

How to Know a Rat is in Love with You?

Rat people are sociable and highly adaptable to the environment. They worry too much about love, always have a lot of ideas and tend to be suspicious. In fact, people of Rat sign have a strong desire to protect themselves and their families from getting hurt. It can be difficult for a Rat to fall in love with someone. Then, how to figure out whether a Rat man/woman is in love with you? → How to Know a Rat is in Love with You?

Rat Love Compatibility

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