2017 Horoscope for the Rat Born in 1972

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    Note: The horoscope prediction is for people born between February 15, 1972 and February 2, 1973. If you were born before February 15, 1972, your Chinese zodiac sign is Pig. Please consult 2016 Chinese Zodiac Horoscope for the Pig Born in 1971.

    2017 Horoscope Forecast

    The prediction is valid for 2017 Year of the Rooster which is from January 28, 2017 to February 15, 2018.

    You Rats born in 1972 will have mixed fortune in 2017 the year of Fire Rooster 'Ding You' (丁酉): you will be helped and supported by the benefactor but get half the results with double the effort. Therefore, you need to make a mental preparation of effort disproportionate to harvest; despite the hard work and great efforts in many things, you may not get the expected results and feel disappointed. In fact, you will get the help from the benefactor in the year of Rooster, which will benefit your fortune to a certain degree but the specific fortune depends on your birth month.

    You Rats born in the summer will have extremely good luck with the benefactor and you will yield twice the result with half the effort. You Rat born in the spring will have greatest pressure and encounter different levels of obstacles in career full of twists and turns. You Rats born in the autumn will have the worst fortune as you will get half the results with double the effort and encounter many obstacles in work, thus in bad mood. You Rats born in winter will have relatively good luck in wealth but find it's hard to accumulate wealth.

    Generally speaking, you will have not bad fortune in the year of Rooster which might be a new start if you make a good mental preparation and depend on yourself for everything; you may take it as a sowing time.

    In 2017, you Rats born in 1972 may have inharmonious interpersonal relationship and encounter many obstacles in work, which will affect your mood. Due to the fact of damage Tai Sui, you might be easily in capital shortage or suffer unexpected property loss, hindering your career development. However, the extremely good luck with the benefactor will bring you enough help to get out of the career development dilemma caused by financial matter. It will be safe and suitable for you to keep the original post. Since you damage Tai Sui in 2017, you might as well take the initiative to seek for the opportunity of business trip, which will have positive effect on your fortune, even bring you wealth; you should keep in mind that this year is suitable for move rather than stay still.

    You will be unlikely to have windfall or good luck in getting income from work, so it will be difficult for you to increase your wealth through the large-scale investment & financing. You may try to reduce the investment or withdraw the investment to avoid the possible loss.

    Love Relationship
    In the year of Rooster, both male and female Rats will have average luck with the opposite sex and you may tread water in terms of love relationship. If you have a stable partner, you may have hidden dissatisfaction in your heart or feel his/her performance is not as you expected, thus you can communicate with him/her openly. For you unmarried or divorced Rats, you will not have good luck with the opposite sex and you will have some troubles in career and wealth, so you may easily miss the right one due to your passive attitude towards love relationship.

    Most of you Rats born in 1972 will suffer from certain unmentionable disease in this year and the situation of no illness will be rare. In 2017, your immunity in trachea, throat and respiratory system will be relatively weak and your joints may also have certain disease; the old troubles of feet or hands may relapse and some minor illness may be hardly cured. If you are going to take a business trip or travel, you should pay special attention to driving safety and never participate in the high-risk outdoor activities.

    2016 Horoscope Forecast

    The prediction is valid for 2016 which is from February 8, 2016 to January 27, 2017.

    In general, 2016 year of the Monkey is a fairly good year for you Rat born in 1972 especially to those born in autumn or winter seasons. You would have plenty of fight spirit and willpower in work. At the same time, the big pressure may cause your mood swing greatly thus affect your relationship with friends and family members. What you should avoid is never getting in over your head nor putting a lot of pressure on yourself. When meeting difficulties, you are suggested to confide your troubles to friends to avoid walking into the blind alley. 

    All in all, you 1972 Rats can make great progress in career in the year of monkey. You can exercise your talents well and may get a chance of promotion. The year especially favors those in disciplined service like policemen, firemen, and customs officials. You can get recognition from superiors this year. Also, if you are in management hierarchy, you can lead subordinates to make good achievements. However, as the pressure will be increasing, you mood will be changeable. So, you might as well often go out to relax yourself. If you have a job change idea, better stay at your present position before October. Besides, don’t show too much of your ability and keep a suitably low profile. If you do so, your personal relationship will be more harmonious.
    Financial fortune for you 1972 born Rats is average. Your fortune will fluctuate. You may be involved in a law suit because of money affairs. So you should keep a beady eye on petty men to avoid being deceived. When outing, be careful to be stolen. If you possess a business, the cost will raise greatly. So, you should learn to innovate and find new ways to broaden your business scope. If you plan an investment, don’t invest in those high risk or unfamiliar products to you. Also, you should hold in readiness for not get harvest in a short time.  

    Love Relationship
    The single women could meet a satisfied one and start a new relationship. Especially during Chinese lunar months of May or August, you have more chances to meet him. The single men also can meet some attracted women, but after a short time communication, you may find you are not fit each other. So, you’d better concentrate more on your career instead of love relationship in 2016. For the married, you may ignore your partner because of too much engagement in social activities. There may also the third party involve in your family. So, don’t go too closely with the opposite sex in case to cause some unnecessary misunderstandings.
    In 2016, you are easy to be sensitive in skin. So, in daily life you should keep the bed sheet, quilt and other articles for use clean. Before changing skin care products, you'd better take an allergy test. Also, you may surfeit yourself with the increasing parties to participate. Find time to do some exercises would be good to control your weight from increasing too much. According to Chinese astrology, you lack Fire and Earth elements, so you are suggested to wear red and yellow ornaments to bring good luck. 

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