1972 Chinese Zodiac – Water Rat

Year of the Water Rat

People born in the year of 1972 (Feb. 15, 1972 - Feb. 02, 1973) which is Ren Zi Year are members of the Water Rat.

For those born before Feb. 15, 1972, they belong to the zodiac animal of Metal Pig.

Personality and Horoscope for the Water Rat

Water rats born in 1972 are full of rich feelings and compassion. They are quick-minded and always have unique insights. They will be successful no matter what they do because they are as adaptable as their animal zodiac and they overcome any difficulties to achieve the goal.

In work, water rats can establish good relationships with their boss, colleagues and subordinates. By using the rich interpersonal connections, they twice the results with half the efforts and can always seize the opportunity of success. Water rats make careful calculation and strict budgeting for everything and they are reserved; they can timely grasp the information about people and things and they are good at creating more wealth. Since water rats usually have good interpersonal relationships, they often get timely assistance from their friends when they need help. However, they should not overly depend on others.

Water rats are smart and they can seize the opportunity. Also, they have power and strategy. Generally, water rats have average performance in youth, great achievements in middle age and excellent old age. Female water rats are chatters, but those who talk much err much, so they need to be peaceful to live a happy life. In the specific actions, water rats are conservative and they would go with the stream rather than against the current. This is why they are vigilant and good at calculating and always have good luck. But they would rather be alone because they are too vigilant and careful, which makes them lose their friends and is adverse to them.

In family life, male water rats are perfect husbands and they always pull away from illusions for their family and try to be good fathers. Female water rats are fantasists who always pursue the elusive love, but they also take many secular conditions into consideration in love; they hope they are the best lovers in the others' mind in terms of appearance and personality. Since they are self-willed and admire their lovers, they will lose confidence once they find that their lovers do not have the high ability as they think.

Personalities and Future Predictions for the Rat of Other Elements:   
Wood Rat: 1984 (Feb. 02, 1984 - Feb. 19, 1985)
Metal Rat: 1960 (Jan. 28, 1960 - Feb. 14, 1961)
Earth Rat: 1948 (Feb. 10, 1948 - Jan. 28, 1949) or 2008 (Feb. 06, 2008 - Jan. 25, 2009)
Fire Rat: 1936 (Jan. 24, 1936 - Feb. 10, 1937) or 1996 (Feb.19, 1996 - Feb. 06, 1997)

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