Careers for Rat

Which kind of job can maximize the strengths of Rat people? Rats are quite alert, smart, adaptive and flexible. They often have many ideas and are considerate, versatile, curious and sophisticated to handle everything. However, they are not bold enough, opinionated, lack of commanding ability and stateliness, and sometimes forsake good for the sake of gold, thus incompetent to the leader of a business institution or other groups.
Suitable Jobs for Rat:
Artist, doctor, critics, researcher, lecturer, architect, poet, editor, writer, scholar, fashion designer, stage designer, photographer, musician, entertainer, water projects trainer, teacher, accountant etc. 
● Work Partners for Rat
Best Work Partners: Ox, Monkey, Dragon
Good Work Partners: Pig, Ox 
Not Bad Work Partners: Tiger, Rabbit, Rooster
Bad Work Partners: Horse, Sheep, Rabbit
● Best Age to Start a Business: 35 – 45
● Best Career Field: Finance and Economy
● Best Business to Do: Clinic, Drug Store, Grain and Oil Shop
● Best Direction for Career: Southwest, West and Northwest

Creative Jobs and Unrestricted Work

Positive and independent, people under the Rat sign are suitable for creative jobs. If they work independently, there will be no problem and they can work very well; but if work with others, they will lose the creativity. Therefore, an unrestricted job will be better for them than the office clerk of a major corporation. Working in their own studio on artistic creation will give them freedom and put their strengths to good use, thus one of their ideal jobs. Besides, Editors, writers, scholars, musicians, doctors, critics, researchers, entertainers, personal store operators, coffee shop operators, and accountants are also good choices.

Skilled Jobs

Of keen intuition, the Rats are also suitable for some jobs requiring fine workmanship and meticulous mind, such as skilled work like commodity management and acceptance, decoration, landscaping, gardening, handicrafts and photography. This kind of job will give them strengths into full play and bring them the highest sense of accomplishment.

Mass Communication

Since Rats boast a keen observation, a profound description and a full understanding of life. Also, they have a unique way to depict reality and full of imagination. They can control their ability with ease, so mass communication is also suitable for them.

Charity Jobs

The Rats hate the restrictions of time and organization yet are enthusiastic for the career they care about and suitable for charity. They are unwilling to lag behind in any work related to social services. To get more welfare for others, they often take the lead to strive for the due benefits in the name of others. While taking care of the disabled, seniors without family, kids and patients, they can always show enough patience and enthusiasm.

Unsuitable Work for Rat

Despite of the image of public figure in others' mind, the Rats are actually not suitable for jobs requiring practical participation in politics or society. To be specific, those jobs related to party affairs, political officials, police officers, military officers or other work of resolute and management nature are not suitable for them.

Best Field for Rat:Finance and Economy

Finance is a hot issue. From national financial and economic conditions to enterprise of all sizes, finance is not to be neglected. Being patient, careful, practical and reliable yet timid, the Rat people are quite suitable for financial industry. Why is timidity important for financial industry? Because the bold tend to have economic problems while the timid can sail with the wind and break through the inherent limitations in the industry. Therefore, they had better consider about the industry as only few people have the chance and luck to reach the peak of this industry, though many people dream of benefiting the people and governing the nation.

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