Fish dream with multiple instances


Hi there,

I dreamed that I was in a chinese style home with huge ponds filled eith koi fish and gokd fish of all gold, black, red, orange and white. There were thousands and thousands of them. There were floating stones like steps where I could walk around and everywhere I went the fish playfully played with the water trying to touch my arm as I waved my hands across the surface of the water. They were all varying sizes, some as big as a human's arm or leg. Others as small as a thumb.

Afterwards, the fish started jumping out of the water onto the steps as if they wanted to come to me. It was not aggressive nor did it feel like an attack, it felt like the genuinely wanted to be by my side and explore the rest of the house with me. I guided the fish back into the water with my hands before the dream changed. Again the fish that were jumping out were jumping one by one and of all different colors and sizes.

The pond was not very deep and the water was very clear. We were at a sort of temple on an island in a middle of a lake on a mountain.

Would anyone have any insights on the specificity of my dream?

Thank you!

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Hi Yasmeen Maldonado,

The fish dream usually indicates wealth. It means your luck in wealth will be good recently. If there is any opportunity for you to make more money, just grasp the chance. Your dream also shows you will have a good development in career.

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