Light brown/orange cat hunting a fish in my living room, no water.


In my dream I was walking across the living room when I noticed a cat enter. The cat paused, as if it noticed something. I turned around and saw a large fish swimming that wasn't there earlier. The cat instantly began to pounce and attempted many times to catch it out of the air.

That's all I remember, unfortunately. Lately I've had new artistic and modeling opportunities come up, not sure if that has anything to do with the dream. What do you think the dream means?

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Hi Ashley S,

Fish is the symbol of wealth in dream. Fish in clear water is good in dream. As you see large fish not swimming in the water, that's not a good indication for your luck in wealth. Cat is not loyal to its owner. So, when it catch fish, it may means your chance to get money will be got by others in waking life. As you said you have had new artistic and modeling opportunities recently, the dream may reminds you to grasp the chance and don't miss it.

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