I dreamed at dawn that a little grey bat had flown in under my blanket. It was snuggling as if trying to hide. My first reaction was fear and I wanted it out. So I shooed it. As it tried to stay I realized it just needed protection. So I mentally decided to let it stay but it kept flapping its wings and I was afraid of getting hurt. So tried to hold it by it’s wings to get it to calm down but then it swat my forearm and lacerated it. It wasn’t bleeding but I could see my flesh and it burned. The bat was calmer but starting to fly away. As o tried to get it to stop I woke up. I’m confused because I felt for certain this meant something but I’m not sure what.

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The dream symbolizes that you need to change something in your life and there are some higher forces that may help you in that. You are protected and safe, so you don't have to worry.
Thank you for your reply. Does the bat represent higher forces? If so, why did it hurt me then? Can you help me understand. Thank you
No, the bat doesn't represent higher forces. Being hurt by bats typically relate to being gossiped on by someone that you tried to be close to. It may also suggest that you are making certain decisions blindly and quickly without good considerations. As a result you will suffer the consequences.
Thank you for your answer

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