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My fiance was born on Mar 8, 1986 while I was born on Aug 9, 1977. Feng shui tells that Tiger is my worst match. But we've been together since Nov 2009 and now we need to get married since he needs to relocate in US for work, and he wants to bring me there, too. Im confused as to when we should really decide to get married in January 2019, because he needs to fly in US not later than January 2019. Given all the availability of the catholic church, friends from abroad and his brother also getting married in Dec 21, 2018, we are picking Jan 7, 2019 as the most feasible date for our church wedding. Pls advise if we can push thru our wedding safely (feng shui wise) on Jan 7 or other auspicious dates in Jan 2019 based on our signs. Thank you!

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Hi Satine,

Tiger and Snake harm each other in Chinese astrology. For the cure, you'd better choose a lucky day with You (酉), Chou (丑), Wu (午) and Xu (戌) to hold the wedding; you under the snake sign had better choose a bridesmaid under the sign of rooster or ox while he had better choose a groomsman under the sign of dog or horse. Also, you'd better give birth to a child in the year of ox or horse. From the aspect of Feng Shui, you may choose a house with the main bedroom in west or northwest. Besides, you should place or wear an ox or horse ornament for good luck in marriage: ox for snake while horse for tiger.

January 4th, 13th, 21st are auspicious wedding date to you in 2019.

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