Personality for Tiger People of A Type Blood

Tiger people of A-type blood are passionate yet conservative and imprudent, thus often in adversity and feel frustrated. They tend to meet more setback in youth and get famous in middle age. With a strong desire to conquer, they are always ambitious and dominant.


A-type Tiger people are both positive and negative, sometimes cheerful and sometimes shy. Aggressive, cheerful, vigorous, free and unrestrained, they are always the eye-catching core of a group, who are kind-hearted, helpful and popular among others. This is superficial, however, they are actually conservative and have a clear boundary for friends and relatives. In a word, they are as bold and cheerful as the Tiger people and as self-enclosed as the A-type people. Superior to others in terms of knowledge, ability and endurance, they can make achievements in sports, business and banking easily. With a wide circle of acquaintances, they change opposite-sex friends frequently and make others feel fickle in love. In fact, this is a misunderstanding, because they just treat the opposite sex as ordinary friends and never have intimate behavior or inordinate requirement out of the conservative mind. Once they start a relationship, they will be devoted to the love and faithful to their partners unto death. A-type Tigers are never half-hearted and they often work with all, even more efforts.


Tireless and act quick quickly, they have a reckless streak. In the meantime, A-type Tigers are prone to suspicion and irresolute, and often make reckless decisions. They defy, mock and scold the things they disagree severely and would actively join the rebellion and challenge the tradition if there is such a chance. As self-interested beings, they would not care about money, power or fame once their selfish motives are harmed. In frustrations, they would be the meanest thugs and do anything, even turn a house upside down out of revenge. They hate being looked down upon, and the neglect of others will provoke them.


The two major shortcomings lie in their impertinency and irresolution, which are actually a contradiction. If A-type Tigers can take the middle way, they will make outstanding achievements. Practical and serious partners, who can tolerate their susceptible nature and ease their depression, are the best choice for them.

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