Rooster people of O-type blood are cheerful and like to join art performance. Generally, they like sports and improvisations. Female Roosters of O blood type are born with enviable singing skills yet somehow often in adverse situations and think everyone is kind. Though not very rich and without too much wealth, they are usually healthy.


O-type people under the Rooster sign are smart, perceptive, flexible and resourceful, thus often solve problems cleverly and have their own ways to deal with crisis and public relation. They are serious and meticulous, and hate to muddle through their work, sometimes even too harsh. Most of the time, they are thoughtful, deal with affairs fairly and reasonably, thing about others and lay down rules with a humanitarian approach. Due to the strong judgment and excellent leadership skills, O-type Roosters can command well enough once in management. Also, they are righteous and would go through fire and water for just cause, thus qualified for lawyer, prosecutor and similar work. They like the magnificent and colorful life and always wish to be eye-catching. With many opportunities in life, they tend to live a beautiful and brilliant life. In a love relationship, they are quite loyal and devoted and would try their best to serve their partners. If they could keep passionate and loyal after wedding, they will enjoy the happy marriage life.


Though Roosters of O-type blood could stand in others' shoes, their stubborn and serious attitude may lead to quarrels. Lack of practical spirit, they often let the good opportunities go despite of countless dreams. When it comes to love relationship, they change a lot before and after marriage: considerate and devoted before marriage, yet care about the other less and less and make their love uncomfortable and dissatisfied.


Though illusory romance is less required after marriage, the care about partner is essential. For example, a call will make the partner moved during a business trip and a birthday gift also works. Male Roosters of O-type blood are suggested to find a quiet, elegant, prudent, virtuous, generous and frank wife; females are suggested to have a simple, honest and loyal husband. At the same time, Roosters of O-type blood should not be too obsessed with something; a flexible attitude will get things well down and lead to a better interpersonal relationship.