Personality for Tiger People of B Type Blood

Conservative yet confident, Tiger people of B blood type often excite their family or leaders with some gadgets. They are fond of adventure and always take risks unexpectedly. Also, they are sociable and good at making friends but lack of planning, trust to luck and act blindly.


B-type Tigers are bright, open and straightforward and act with courage and determination. They don't like to hide emotions and can face life with a positive and optimistic attitude. Not calculating, they like to make friends and share with people around what they know and love, thus have many friends, including the opposite sex. Once they fall in love, they would be devoted unhesitatingly and go out openly regardless of what others think. For marriage, they have no high material demands and believe mutual affinity is more important. No lack of ability, motivation and execution, they have a strong executive capability and work much more efficient than others. At the same time, Tigers of B-type blood are persevering and calm and they could cheer up soon even if repeatedly deceived or frustrated.


The lack of planning is the chief drawback of B-type Tigers, because they move towards their goals without a reasonable process. For the tasks assigned, they follow blindly and have few ideas of their own. Quite popular among the opposite sex and sentimental, they are sometimes fickle in love and fall in love more than one. They have a large circle of friends, and the bad friends are inevitably.


B-type Tiger people are suggested to think more before act, consider about the feasibility and difficulty, and do everything in a planned way step by step to reduce the probability of rework or failure; make friends selectively, and do not keep an intimate terms with the opposite sex, so as to avoid unnecessary disputes. In particular, they should focus on career and family after marriage. The calm and prudent Ox people and the resourceful and calculating Rabbit and Snake people are suitable for B-type Tigers. Such a match can make up for their lack of planning and blindness, avoid wasting more energy and promote both career and life.

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