Personality for Dragon People of AB Type Blood

Dragon People of AB-type blood are rather energetic and like singing and sports. With a clear distinction between right and wrong, they are sympathetic and responsible, work hard and seriously, help others generously with money and boast a strong sense of justice and passion for work. However, they are moody and not sophisticated enough in interpersonal relationship, and often split hairs.


With a clear-cut stand on what to love and what to hate, AB-type Dragons stand by their words and have a strong sense of principle, responsibility and justice. In workplace, they are aggressive, passionate and full of yearning, and they can always finish the work responsibly and meticulously. Also, Dragons of AB-type blood are willing to offer help to the poor and the weak generously, thus make many friends, get help when they need and profit a lot in career. They advocate pure and noble love, hold a sincere attitude towards love and hate those who just join in for the fun. Once they have a crush on someone, they will pursue actively, respect the other and try to meet all the demands of their loved ones. After marriage, they are very responsible and family-oriented and can found a sweet family that everyone admires.


Since they act according to principles, refuse to give in, and lack of flexibility, AB-type Dragons often lose many opportunities and fall into contradictions in interpersonal communication. Though they always occupy the commanding heights of morality, they are complained about after the disputes and make others feel unapproachable. At the same time, they haggle over every ounce and become too caught up in trifle matters. At work, they are usually badly beaten due to the lack of flexibility and get half the result with twice the effort out of the extraordinary willpower. Meanwhile, they apply principles to love but it doesn't work and makes their loved ones disgusted, leading to many mishaps in love relationship.


While sticking to principles, AB-type Dragons should be flexible and listen more to colleagues. Sometimes, the opinionated attitude and the lack of flexibility make them lose a lot of opportunities for development. No matter in work or life, they shouldn't keep focusing on the minor matters but be broad-minded and more tolerant; never reason things out with the loved ones because it won't work. Females are suggested to marry a mature, steady, sophisticated and aggressive man while males are suggested to have a prudent, educated, frank, broad-minded and understanding partner.

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