Male Tiger Personality Traits

Male Tigers are usually serious, careful, prudent, optimistic, aggressive and adventurous. They feature good tastes, refined speech and manner and like to make friends. Sometimes, men under the Tiger sign can be dictatorial, prone to suspicion and irresolute, thus often make hasty decisions.

In daily life, male Tigers are short of romance and family happiness yet quite loyal to their families and serve as the backbone. They are very emotional: sometimes laugh heartily while sometimes shed tears or feel upset.

In love relationship, they can be possessive or quarrelsome when getting jealous and boast a strong sense of protectiveness. Tiger men are attractive to women and they like to guess women's mind.

As for career, male Tigers are quite dedicated and hardworking. They open up territory with wisdom and never give up readily in any hardships, thus achieve good results in career.


Serious and Conscientious
A general characteristic of male Tigers lies in that they are serious and conscientious. They never treat their work with a flip attitude. Instead, they are serious and can do what others cannot do with their meticulous attitude. Also, they are loyal to marriage and rarely involve in an extramarital affair. As a result, they are the good partner for life.

Honest and Affectionate
Male Tigers are trustworthy as they always keep their promises and never go back on their words. Coolheaded, generous, sociable and graceful, they are the natural diplomats. The righteous and enthusiastic male Tigers hate the ugly things and offer help whenever their friends are in need.

The talented Tiger men are unwilling to work in a workplace with poor environment and fixed pattern. With regal ambition, they want to open up their own territory and tend to switch jobs frequently. It is undeniable that they are getting better and better and keep opening up a bigger picture. Once they choose a major company, they can easily find an outlet for their ambition and get promoted.


Suspicious and Jealous
When it comes to the suspicious mind, Tiger men can rank top. They are so suspicious that even the most sensitive girls will develop a sense of inferiority in front of them. The suspicious male Tigers find it hard to trust anyone around and even make wrong decisions because of this.

Rebellious and Stubborn
Meanwhile, male Tigers can be rebellious and they don't like to obey the command of others since they are the competitive creature and believe there is no need to listen to others. Because of this, self-conceit is a flaw for them. They are short of team spirit and prefer to work alone and behave extremely. Also, they can be stubborn and seldom change their mind once determined.

The overbearing Tiger men often insist on their own ideas and ignore the others' in many things. In particular, they never compromise with their partners in life. If your husband is under the Tiger sign, you need to be mentally prepared because he is face saving and won't yield when you are in conflict; in fact, he is suffering and haggling inside. Once you give him an out, you will live in harmony.

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