Female Tiger Personality Traits

Female Tigers are charming, articulate, free, open and trendy and they often feel upset for lack of beautiful clothes. The lively and friendly Tiger women are just like the sweet kitty well received by people for their behaviors. Brilliant, highly tenacious and patient, they always can make outstanding achievements under any circumstances. However, they often persist their old ways and they are careless, rebellious, emotional and credulous.

In daily life, female Tigers can take care of their families, enjoy life to the full and like to attend collective activities. You may always find them at parties and they can play with kids very well, such as telling stories and playing games. They are popular with kids because their matey charm can set children at ease and free.

In love relationship, they will never be really infatuated because they only love themselves. Seemingly gentle, they are actually wild inside and sometimes can be extremely narcissistic and lonely. The reliable and loyal female Tigers make no exception for anyone, which becomes their magic weapon to subdue men.

As for career, Tiger women tend to take family as their cause and have fewer desires for work. They are family-oriented and care less about the annoying workplace.


Tiger girls are sunny, confident and charming enough. The cheerful and lively female Tigers are popular with people around because they are caring and gifted. Once you stay with them, you will find they are quite attractive and they look at everything from an optimistic perspective, making people around full of positive energy.

Loyal and Reliable
Female Tigers are very reliable and loyal to love. Their reliability is illustrated by how they value their promises. As long as they agree to do something, they will go all out to complete and never go back on their words no matter how hard it is. Once they start a relationship, they will be faithful to their husbands unto death unless their bottom line is crossed.

Elegant and Decisive
The decisive virtue of Tiger women is in their blood. It seems that they are less hesitant to make decisions than others from birth. Also, they are elegant and never hysterically shout and curs in public. Even if they are unhappy, they can solve problems with ease and grace.


Longing for freedom, Tiger girls don't like to be subject to rules in life and they are unrestrained and would rather go their own way than listen to others' advice. In daily life, the independent Tiger women seldom change their mind once they are determined and they often play the dominating role.

The rebellious female Tigers are ambitious and less obedient and they always want to be in the first place. Their rebellion is mainly in the way they disobey parents' arrangement. They hate the constraints of family, prefer to live alone, find their own jobs and start a relationship on their own.

Another prominent shortcoming lies in that they are careless, especially at work. They often make mistakes in the statements they prepare due to the lack of double check. As a result, it is hard for them to do work perfectly even though they can work at high speed and with great motivation.

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