I am married to Tiger


Hello I am a metal monkey my husband was,born February 4 1975 so I am confused what is he bc some Web sites contradicts each other. We had a very rough year love him very much but he seems to me very mischievous and jealous of my personality yikes we been together 11 years but not sure it will be 12 I am afraid I will never married I love the family life.

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Hi Maxe,

Here is the matching result for you two. You can check if it's right to you:

In Chinese culture, 2016 is year of the Monkey which is your zodiac year. So, you will have many changes. The change will make the things to be best or worst. It's hard to say your life will become good or bad. As it's your zodiac year, you are suggested to wear red to defuse those evil spirit. Also, it need you to communicate and care more about him to let him know your love. Sometimes, to plan a journey for your family will be good to your relationship.

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