Can a male rabbit be a suitable partner with a female dragon?


Me and my boyfriend started dating in may(this month). And he seem to be the best boyfriend I ever had. The other boyfriend I had was a tiger. He was a bit immature, had a huge temper, inappropriate in ways, and just playful. I work better with female tigers though; not male tigers. Bad mistake. And I'm a dragon, so I got mad at him every time he flirt with every other girl in front of me. And he was very possessive or obsessive of me. It was an on and off relationship. I finally broke from that though it was hard because we was always together. I met my gentleman rabbit, Willie and he was new in school. He seemed shy and quiet but I liked his personality. I hang with the "weird people" they call us and he acted like us too. My friend (female tiger) saw something in us..(well I saw something because I liked him from the start). And we ended up together.

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Hi Lovinglovey,

A male Rabbit is usually ambitious, gentle and wise in character. According to the Chinese zodiac compatibility astrology, a male rabbit can understand and cooperate very well with a female Dragon. Your marriage could be stable and will last long.

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