Outgoing, free and bold, Rat people of B-type blood like to act on their own will, run after the fashion and can treat equally without discrimination. However, they are in poor words and would rather come and go freely than live in a group. Females are sentimental while males are capable workers.


Rats of B-type blood are outgoing, lively, straightforward and unrestrained, making others feel cheerful and vigorous. They are straightforward and quite upright rather than cunning, hate dirty tricks and never tell lies, thus often trusted by leaders and customers. Also, they are loyal to friends and can always try best to offer help once a friend is in trouble. Usually, they forget about the trouble and pain after a sleep and unlikely fall in grief and long sorrow. With their own work style, B-type Rats seldom stand on points and can grasp the overall direction and keep pace with times. What's more, they work actively and usually finish the established project at a surprising speed. Quite persistent in love relationship, they will chase the one they love without hesitation, even though everyone around oppose and even if get hurt seriously. Therefore, they can always get the intense love.


Since B-type Rats are creative and don't bother about small matters, others often feel they persist their old ways. They are self-centered and would express their ideas directly regardless of others' feelings or opinions. The special attitude makes them caught in loneliness easily and the self-indulgent personality leaves a bad impression on others. They are quite emotional to the loved ones: tender in good mood and light up with pleasure; leave out in cold once in bad mood.


B-type Rats are suggested to express their views in an indirect way and listen more to others rather than follow their bigoted course; draw on the wisdom of the masses will keep them away from frustrations. Also, they should be more responsible for a relationship and family rather than act at their own will. In particular, the wilful and arrogant attitude will make the partner vexed.

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