Rat people of A-type blood are prudent, passive, and conservative, and lay emphasis on physical appearance. They are a little nervous yet quite patient and persistent. As for love, they are reserved and sensible about marriage.


A-type Rats obey the leadership, look at the big picture, play well with others, work with an earnest and responsible attitude and get used to the obedience of minority, thus quite popular in any company and group. With a strong comprehension, they are quick-witted and do everything efficiently without delay. Since they enjoy the comfortable and clean environment and love working, they often keep their house and work environment clean and tidy. At the same time, they are understanding and considerate of others' sufferings, can help others to get over a difficulty, adjust the atmosphere around and turn hostility into friendship. Foresighted and introverted, Rats of A-type blood lay a foundation for future life devotedly and make a long-term plan for the happy life. They never start a relationship easily and would consider and weigh every aspect before making a decision. Once they are in love, however, they will think of the other devotedly and make concession and sacrifice again and again for the sake of family. Female A-type Rats are tender, kind, sweet, noble and highly appreciated by men, and they are typical understanding wives and loving mothers who arrange family well. Males are considerate and popular among excellent women, and they can submit to humiliation and work hard for family peace after marriage to improve the relationship.


The indecisive attitude often makes them miss the opportunity. Sometimes, they are supposed to make a prompt decision but just don't express an opinion, cut both ways, and later regret about it. Also, they always think of others and bury the grievance and depression deep in heart. After a long time, they will suffer mental stress, even hysteria.


Once in bad mood, they should relax and release to benefit themselves. Generally, A-type Rats lack of positive creativity which will double the might and make them invincible, at least better than the present situation.

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