The Female Rat in Love

Women born in Rat years always daydream and pursue the insubstantial love. They wish to be the best lovers both in terms of look and soul. Meanwhile, female Rats are self-willed, demand freedom and equality in love, and respect their lovers. It is the capable men that can win the love of Rat women. However, they will be disappointed when they figure out their lovers are not as capable as imagined. 

Female Rats' Attitude towards Love

Most of female Rats are very constant and dedicated in love and they would not sit on two chairs. Once they have a crush on someone, they would take the initiative to chase. As long as they fall in, they would become very dedicated and get involved intensely. As the passion fades away, however, they would return to normal. Therefore, press on without letup if you want to start a relationship with a girl under the Rat sign. Otherwise, you may lose her after a long time. 

How Should Female Rats Maintain Love Relationship?

The free and unrestrained Rat women always want to renew the pattern of love. Their wild imagination and dynamic expression can enrich the relationship and make it interesting. But the constantly changing love can make their boyfriends quite insecure and tired of coping with, and even consider the relationship unreliable. As a result, female Rats are suggested to adapt to the plain love and renew the love pattern properly rather than excessively. 

How to Know How Much a Female Rat Loves You

Rat girls are warm and easy-going and they are caring about your relatives, thus praised by everyone. If you find your girlfriend under the Rat sign becomes more considerate, virtuous and kind-hearted and she calls, texts or visits your family, relatives and friends more frequently and even sends gifts to them, it means she may want to marry you and spend a lifetime. At the same time, it is a sign showing she is really in you, so be careful about it. 

What Kind of Men Do Rat Women Like?

1) Down-to-earth Men
Rat women are wise in money management and they know how to pinch pennies in life. Meanwhile, they have clear life planning and goals and wish their men can make progress together. Compared with those fickle in love, the down-to-earth men are preferred by Rat girls because they are motivated and suitable for Rats. 
2) Broadminded Men
In fact, Rat women are sometimes little fool of childish temper and act like a spoiled child. Therefore, they need the tolerant men who can forgive their bad mood and bad habits and make them live a tranquil life. In a word, the generous men are more attractive to female Rats and more suitable for the latter. 
3) Men Constant in Love
Since female Rats are sensitive and afraid of betrayal in love, they would choose men constant in love and take this kind of men as the most desired. Every woman worries that she would be betrayed by her man and cannot stand any infidelity of her boyfriend/husband. Just like every other woman, female Rats also wish their men can be faithful and constant in love. 

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