The Male Rat in Love

Male Rats are conservative, prudent, broad-minded, smart and optimistic and usually hold a realistic attitude in a love relationship. Once they fall for someone, they would become motivated in career and wish to move their girlfriends with the material resource. However, most women wish to find someone who can spend time with them. Both company and material are required to maintain a relationship. 
Though mostly active outside, Rat men do care about their families and value what their partners can bring to them. If they want to marry someone, they would measure the career, financial resources and family background of the other side.

Male Rats' Attitude towards Love

The broad-minded and delicate male Rats can be very faithful good husbands who treat their wives wholeheartedly. Although they are shrewd in money matters, they are very generous to their loved ones. As for the love attitude, they are only openhanded to their lovers.

How Should Male Rats Maintain Love Relationship?

In a relationship, men born in a Rat year tend to emphasize personal space and make their lovers feel ignored and even inferior to their friends. Male Rats are so sociable that they are quite popular with the opposite sex, making their lovers quite insecure. Also, they hate to be controlled by their girlfriends but need to examine whether they have shown enough care to their girlfriends or have been too close with other women. Rat men are suggested to be constant rather than fickle in love.  

How to Know How Much a Male Rat Loves You

It is simple to know how much your boyfriend under the Rat sign loves you. Once a male Rat falls for someone, he would be fully engaged or get married to give up freedom and take responsibilities. Therefore, if he thinks you are the right one, he will not leave you behind to travel around at will or lead a life of pleasure.
In daily life, he will respect your ideas and leave the money to you because he trusts you very much and takes you as his everything. It is in this way that he loves you deeply and hopes you can do the same to him. 

What Kind of Women Do Rat Men Like?

1) Gentle and Considerate Women
Although men born in Rat years are warm, mild and caring for women around, they are actually very chauvinistic. While choosing a partner, they hope to marry the gentle and considerate women who can take care of them and follow their decisions in terms of big deals. 
2) Quick-witted Women
The smart and clever male Rats boast a good memory and outstanding talents and they lay emphasis on spiritual communication. Therefore, the talented, experienced and quick-witted women who have their unique points of view on everything and share the same topics are preferred by Rat men. 
3) Decisive Women
Though smart, acute and insightful, male Rats are hesitant and not brave enough. In daily life, they appreciate those decisive women who can decide on the moment. In marriage, they can complement with each other and achieve an all-win result. 

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