Rabbit people of O-type blood are loyal to friends, and graceful, make friends widely and generally have good academic performance. Males are extremely curious, start smoking early, love women very much and always dream to marry a pretty woman, while females dream to find a boyfriend several years elder than them.


O-type Rabbits are elegant, often smile and talk about a wide range of topics in a witty and humorous way, causing a roar of laughter. With proper limits for speech, they know what to say and enjoy a great popularity. Though they have the timid side of Rabbit, they are generally bolder, more unconstrained, decisive and compassionate than Rabbit people of other blood types. Once a friend or colleague is in trouble, they will offer help generously to save him/her out of trouble. Intelligent, careful, studious and diligent, Rabbits of O-type blood boast an excellent learning ability and usually have good academic performance. With a down-to-earth style, they can make life better day by day but never waste money no matter how rich they get. They like to create delights to enrich life, love music, literature and art but stop after getting a little knowledge and enjoy it. Seemingly unrestrained, graceful, humorous and quick-witted, they are shy and never express their love directly but make eyes skillfully to make the other understand tacitly. Once they fall in love, they will get crazy.


Despite of the gentle look, they are actually a little nervous, often feel restless and lose all desire for food and drink when they encounter a setback and something bad. O-type Rabbits are compassionate and proceed without hesitation for their friends and colleagues but ignore their families, even a little indifferent. Full of visions for love, they often ignore the relationship in reality and miss the best chances.


Female O-type Rabbits are suggested to find a calm, cultivated, graceful and charming husband who can make them proud of and play the role of understanding wife and loving mother. Males are suggested to find a gentle, quiet, calm, beautiful and charming wife who can make them family-oriented and do the duty of husband and father.

Personality for Rabbit People of Other Blood Types: 
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