Personality for Rabbit People of AB Type Blood

Rabbit people of AB-type blood feature a quite complicated character: sometimes friendly and frank, and sometimes heavyhearted and indifferent. They don't like social occasions and make others feel cold. Females are very sentimental and self-contradictory in love and always doubt whether they are loved.


With a diversified character and thoughtful mind, AB-type Rabbits like to get close to nature and tour the scenic spots alone. Seemingly dull and boring, they have a colorful inner world and a wide range of hobbies; they are romanticists but seldom show it. They don't like the complex interpersonal relationship or get too close with others. AB-type Rabbits never take the initiative to make enemies and they will resolve conflicts in a peaceful way if provoked by someone. As for love, they will start a relationship prudently and always hope love could be beautiful forever. Even if they are loved deeply, they still worry that they will be abandoned. They love wholeheartedly and can sacrifice everything for love. Because of the calm character, they tend to live a peaceful life without twists and turns and have a rising luck throughout the whole life.


Because of the personal independence of conduct, they may have no intimate friends or close business partners, which will cause a lot of troubles to their career. AB-type Rabbits can hardly get attention unless they meet insightful leaders. Friends and colleagues around may feel they are unsocial, gloomy and indifferent and seldom take the initiative to get close to them though don't dislike them. As a result, AB-type Rabbits sometimes feel quite lonely. They long for the beautiful love, but lack the sense of security and often suspect their partners, which will hinder the development of love or even ruin it.


AB-type Rabbits are suggested to show their friendly and frank side and hide away the unsocial and cold side. They might as well take part in more social activities in workplace and never keep isolate from the team even if they don't want to be on intimate terms with others. As for love, they fully trust the one they love and break up resolutely once the trust is destroyed. Females are suggested to marry an optimistic and frank man with artistic accomplishments and ramble in the world of art together to make life more colorful and beautiful. Males are suggested to find a cheerful, generous and mild wife who loves nature and has the common interest, so as to complement each other and live together happily till old age.

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