Personality for Rabbit People of B Type Blood

Rabbit people of B-type blood are sophisticated, smart, meticulous and extremely humorous. Gentle and amiable, they have many supporters and admirers, and are appreciated by leaders, admired by colleagues and popular among friends. Gentle and cultivated, refined and courteous, B-type Rabbits get even more charming after middle age, making others feel dishonest. When it comes to love relationship, they are quite fickle.


With a special personality charm, Rabbits of B-type blood are adept in finding topics that everyone is interested in and they have excellent speaking skills; wherever they go, they will cause an outbreak of laughter and enjoy great popularity. Out of the outstanding judgment and foresight, they can always see everything thoroughly and read others' minds to make others happy. B-type Rabbits arrange their work in good order and solve any problems readily. When they are empty-minded, they will put extra efforts into artistic pursuit and exploration. Talented in art, they can easily make achievements in artistic creation, especially novels and plays. Quite confident in love relationship, they often take the step-by-step approach to capture the one they love unguardedly, and defeat any powerful rival. They yearn for a wonderful life, pursue romance after marriage and keep dating with their partners to maintain freshness and respect each other forever. B-type Rabbits never spoil their children but focus on cultivating their independence.


The sophisticated B-type Rabbits often come up with some practical jokes and make others feel cunning and dishonest. They are sociable and charming, attracting countless opposite-sex friends. However, the infirm attitude makes them involve in love disputes easily. In particular, the affectionate character is harmful to marriage. The insight into others' thoughts makes them understanding and feel confused under the influence of the thoughts.


The practical jokes can improve the atmosphere and interaction with friends but they should be avoided at official occasions. In a relationship, B-type Rabbits should not be double-minded but refuse a third party decisively and never show an ambiguous attitude. Females are suggested to have a frank, cheerful, prudent, cultured and knowledgeable partner while males are suggested to marry a pure, lively, lovely and smart woman.

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