Personality for Rabbit People of A Type Blood

Personality Overview

Rabbit people of A-type blood are sensitive, beautiful, quick-witted and eloquent, yet sentimental and impatient, often get half the result with twice the effort and end everything hastily. They tend to live a peaceful life without big ups and downs, and don't like to take risks.


With a calm, warm and mild personality, A-type Rabbits seek balance for everything and they never go to extremes or make an enemy. Even if they are treated impolitely, they will fight back properly to make the other leave disappointedly. Rabbits of A-type blood are good at hiding away their feelings and opinions, never show dislike to others but stay away from what they hate. They work carefully, think twice before act, and consider everything meticulously and thoroughly. Career-minded, they clearly know that they have to make unremitting efforts and work hard to get happiness. Also, they are talented in art, look forward to good things and pay attention to their clothes. A-type Rabbits maintain a certain distance from others and get along well with everyone. Sharp-eyed and observant, they can always accurately read the inner mind of people around. With a prudent attitude towards love, they thirst for romance, hope to build a harmonious relationship deep in heart and never act impulsively and blindly. In social communications, they treat friends sincerely, live up to words and never act insincerely. For someone they meet for the first time, however, they are always vigilant and let time prove whether they can make friends. They cherish the friends in childhood and the pure friendship forever, especially those in school days.


Though Rabbits of A-type blood are refined and courteous, and keep smiles, it is not so easy to get close to them because they have the cold and unapproachable side. Males will observe and weigh the one they love carefully before take action in a planned manner. The prudent and reserved character often makes others feel they are not charming at all. At this moment, they will feel painful and pessimistic. Sometimes, they are immersed in career and get nothing in love despite of the successful career. Perhaps they will get married with another woman quickly though keep the ex in mind. Seemingly living a peaceful life, they are suffering deep inside. Males are suggested to find a lively, pure, cheerful, humorous and interesting wife to make the peaceful life romantic.

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