Personality for Rooster People of B Type Blood

Rooster people of B-type blood are coolheaded and often want to lead and have others serve them, sing solo yet muddle along, come and go freely without control. In daily life, they look proud, have a strong sense of self-esteem, and experience a lot of ups and downs in relationship. They can survive in both business and politics and are very sociable and capable though not very rich.


Seemingly aggressive, B-type Roosters are conservative and sober-headed; the ordinary achievements will not make them proud but motivate them to work harder for bigger goals. They work seriously and hate to muddle through. Also, they boast genius judgment and excellent execution. In a relationship, they tend to be innocent, passionate, sincere, warm and cordial, thus spoiled by their love. B-type Roosters are neither proud nor greedy and they can behave well and stop at the right time. While making an investment, they can weigh the pros and cons and are not used to venture investment because they never work on a dubious business. In the meantime, they never boast about what they can do in work; instead, they tell clients and superiors about their actual ability. With a down-to-earth and meticulous attitude, they are trusted by their bosses and can survive in both business and politics.


Due to the strong sense of self-esteem and resistance, Roosters of B-type blood often conflict, even fight with others. They'd like to command others than to be ruled by others, especially when they are in leadership - once the subordinates fail to achieve the anticipated goal, they may rebuke bitterly without showing due respect. Despite of the good ability to deal with complex affairs alone, things just don't go so well in their life, which might be caused by their aggressive and impatient personality; making too many enemies hinder them from success.


Rooster people of B blood type are suggested to find other pleasures in life, such as travel, dancing and singing, so as to treat the success in career lightly. Lower the expectation for career and wealth, they will live a relaxed life and have better interpersonal relationship. B-type Roosters in management should reward the subordinates for their excellent performance rather than keep criticizing for the shortcomings, or the staff will be demoralized. Females are suggested to find a proactive, calm, sophisticated, and capable partner while males are suggested to have a gentle, quiet, dignified and understanding wife who can manage household affairs and take care of family.