Personality for Dragon People of B Type Blood

Dragon People of B-type blood are vigorous and straightforward, love nature and like to make friends. Quite brilliant, they are talented in creativity and strong-minded, never acknowledge defeat, have the great appeal and organizing ability, can take a broad and long-term view and pursue an ideal unremittingly. Meanwhile, they are rough, wilful, and informal, and have a strong self-awareness.


B-type Dragons are optimists who like to make friends and treat others frankly, leaving an energetic impression. When they meet someone for the first time, however, they are very shy and unskilled in conversation. Rich in imagination and talented in creation, they always put forward original ideas and sometimes fantasize about things unavailable. Out of the indomitable and strong will, they cannot be defeated by work problems readily and have the great appeal, organizing ability and leadership manner. When it comes to interpersonal relationship, they make others feel relaxed and comfortable because they are upright and always smile innocently and talk humorously. In spare time, Dragons of B-type blood enjoy all kinds of chess. When they stay alone, they often recall the past. With a strong self-consciousness, they even blush when they talk with the opposite sex at the very beginning, but become cheerful and lively in a relationship and self-willed and short-tempered after marriage; under the tolerance and understanding of their partners, however, they can restore happiness quickly.


Despite of the appeal at work, they are quite obedient in a relationship and become panic-stricken, and even want to escape when someone approaches, thus lose the opportunity to learn more about each other. Also, Dragons of B-type blood have the rough and willful side and they are not careful enough in marriage; instead, they often push complex and heavy work to their partners and make the other under great pressure. In particular, they would vent outrage and annoyance to their partners rather than others.


In real life, B-type Dragons are suggested not to indulge in the past or things that can't be done, and become more confident and braver in a relationship, so as to firmly seize the opportunity of love with no regrets. In marriage, they should be more responsible, and share both happiness and worry with family to improve the relationship and the future life. Males are suggested to find a virtuous, calm, broad-minded and outgoing wife while females are suggested to have a dignified, mature, optimistic and humorous husband.

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