Personality for Dragon People of A Type Blood

Dragon People of A-type blood are upright and slightly nervous, usually defend against injustices but have limited friends who are fair-weather. As for career, they are bold and often forget themselves, thus suffer losses and benefit others.


Lively and active yet meticulous and sensitive, A-type Dragons are upright, affectionate, and loyal to friends and like to go out and right wrongs. Perfectly upright and strict to friends and themselves, they have a clear-cut stand on what to love and what to hate, and are neither skilled in social intercourse nor sophisticated. Also, they are ambitious to ride on the crest of success and play a prominent role in politics, economy, culture and so on out of their super good luck and talent. As long as they make great efforts and persist on, they will achieve great success easily. With an innocent, pure and childish inner mind, they are honest, frank and humorous. Generally, they keep a low key in dealing with emotional issues and never ask for too much, making their partners feel considerate and moved. Males are quite manly, charming and popular among the young and lively women but it is hard to touch them as they are obsessed to the ex. Females, with inferior luck with the opposite sex, usually start a relationship with one of their friends.


In terms of love relationship, A-type Dragons are inactive and just wait for love passively. Facing the one they love, they find it hard to say, just miss the opportunity and then feel depressed for a long time. At work, Dragons of A-type blood often work like a horse yet are full of complaints, happy and dejected. In particular, female Dragons of A-type keep complaining, making people around cannot bear and adverse to their love.


Though the discontent emotions can be let off by complaining, they need to control it and try not to pour out the bad mood occasionally. Also, A-type Dragons are suggested to be more active in a relationship and take the initiative to start up a conversation and greet the loved one on phone or through SMS, so as to get closer to each other and get a firm control of the relationship.

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