* The prediction is valid for 2021 (year of the Ox) starting from Feb. 12, 2021 and lasting to Jan. 31, 2022.


In Chinese zodiac, Ox, Snake and Rooster are San He (triple harmony) for each other, so you Snakes will be compatible with Tai Sui in the Ox year 2021. In the aspect of horoscope, it is mainly expressed in auspicious stars, constant good news and happy events, and help by others in work and career for smooth development. Therefore, the 2021 horoscope of Snake people can be very good and you will often be pleasantly surprised in life. So just forge ahead and strive for better results.



With good luck for wealth in 2021, you people born in the Snake years will get some windfalls and many opportunities to make money with the blessing of the auspicious star Tian De. Make sure you keep clear accounts in the cooperation, otherwise it will cause a lot of trouble. In 2021, you will get considerable income from work and it may even keep rising. However, it is worth reminding that you should be restrained from spending extravagantly even if you are paid well.



As for work and career, everything will go well with you Snake people and you may even get promoted to be in power. If you have always worked hard, you will stabilize the foundation and usher in the opportunity of promotion. Governed by Shang Guan, a star in charge of creativity and talent, you Snake people will constantly come up with ideas and inspirations this year, and show your talents fully. This will be definitely good for brain workers. However, Shang Guan is also a star of sensibility and individualism. Influenced by it, you will display a strong character, even become opinionated and make a showy display, which will cause you a lot of trouble and bring interpersonal obstacles to your work and life. In view of this, you are suggested to be modest and low-key this year, do more and speak less, as out of the mouth comes evil.

Love Relationship


Blessed by Hong Luan, a star in charge of love, you will live a colorful emotional life this year. Besides, Shang Guan star will make you single Snakes sensitive and emotional and you may easily fall in love at first sight or break up out of a single jarring note in conversation in the year of changes. For Snakes in love, you may get married soon yet find it easy to have a problem out of trivial matters, especially in the preparation for wedding, so try to put up with each other. For married Snakes, you will be likely to have a baby this year. While looking after the kids, you can understand and care for each other, and enjoy the happy marriage.



Under the positive impact of San He, you will not have too much trouble in health. Children can bounce with health but parents should guard against accidents. For adult Snakes, you may feel a little stressful at work but still can be in good health as long as you alternate work with rest and keep regular hours. As for the elderly, you will remain hale and hearty, enjoy the peaceful later years, and even have the energy to participate in the leisure activities or go out to travel.

2021 Horoscope for Western Zodiac

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