2017 Horoscope for the Snake Born in 1977

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    Note: The horoscope prediction is for people born between February 18, 1977 and February 06, 1978. If you were born before February 18, 1977, your Chinese zodiac sign is Dragon. Please consult 2016 Chinese Zodiac Horoscope for the Dragon Born in 1976

    2017 Horoscope Forecast

    The prediction is valid for 2017 Year of the Rooster which is from January 28, 2017 to February 15, 2018.

    2017 is the year of the Fire Rooster 'Ding You' (丁酉) and the earthly branch 'Si' (巳) of you people born in 1977 under the animal sign of Snake will be compatible with the earthly branch 'You' (酉) of Rooster, which means you will be compatible with Tai Sui (Grand Duke Jupiter), make new development in career and get help from others. In this year, you will be blessed by the auspicious star 'Yi Ma' (驿马) and have good luck if you go to other places for development. Under the adverse impact of three inauspicious stars 'Fei Lian' (飞廉), 'Bai Hu' (白虎) and 'Da Sha' (大煞), however, you may suffer from lawsuits and villains, and easily be hurt by wine, women, avarice and pride, leading to unexpected personal financial losses or damaged reputation.

    You Snakes born in 1977 will gain both fame and wealth in 2017 since you are compatible with Tai Sui and you will often get help from others. With good working attitude and rigorous working style, you will win recognition from the leadership who will entrust you with an important post. However, you should notice that this year will be unsuitable for you to hold several posts simultaneously which will decentralize your energy. For you engaged in the professional and technical work, this year will be a good opportunity for your development and you will become the company's core strength and be highly regarded if you can focus on the skill research and upgrade. But the degree of promotion and pay raise will depend on your ability. Due to the adverse impact of the inauspicious star 'Huang Fan' (黄幡), you will have great pressure in work and you need to eliminate the outside interference and relieve your pressure in daily work to fully show your talent.

    Due to the adverse impact of three inauspicious stars, you Snakes born in 1977 will suffer unexpected personal financial losses, so you'd better not make premature consumption but deposit a sum of money for a rainy day in 2017. Both workers and entrepreneurs will get stable income through work and you may even get a pay raise or generous profits if you work hard with a down-to-earth attitude. You should avoid having grandiose aims but puny abilities and being opportunistic. Since you will be prone to unexpected personal financial losses in this year, you should not take out loans or invest in high-risk industries, especially the newborn internet investment seemingly with high returns, or you will lose all the capital invested once you are not careful.

    Love Relationship
    Being concentrated and prudent, you Snakes born in 1977 will be compatible with Tai Sui and have stable luck in love relationship and extremely good luck with the opposite sex. For you singles, this year will be a good time for you to find the right one and you may meet different types of the opposite-sex friends through the social platform or the introduction of relatives and friends; if you find the suitable one, you may communicate and contact actively, and take the initiative to confess at the right time; you'd better create a romantic atmosphere to increase success rate. You married will suffer from the unfavorable luck with the opposite sex and you should keep a distance with the opposite sex to change the unfavorable luck into the good luck in interpersonal relationship, which will help you a lot in the future career development; if you cross the line carelessly, you will have many troubles which will affect the harmony of your marriage and family.

    You will have poor luck in health and get hurt accidentally due to the adverse impact of the inauspicious star 'Bai Hu' in 2017. Also, you need to prevent the recurrence of old illness due to the adverse impact of the inauspicious stars 'Fei Lian' and 'Da Sha' and take body check regularly, especially the diseased parts which should be protected carefully. You female Snakes should pay attention to the gynecological diseases and keep sanitary in daily life. You should alternate work with rest and avoid damaging your body because of overwork, which will be not worth the candle.

    2016 Horoscope Forecast

    The prediction is valid for 2016 which is from February 8, 2016 to January 27, 2017.

    2016 Lucky Astrology Elements for the Snake People Born in 1977

    Lucky Colors: Green, Brown
    Helpful Zodiac Signs: Rabbit, Monkey, Pig
    Auspicious Direction: Southeast, South, West
    Auspicious Sitting Direction: Sitting South and Towards North
    Avoid Sitting Direction: Sitting Northeast and Towards Southwest
    Auspicious Month: March, April, May, July
    Lucky Charm for Love: Rose Quartz or Amethyst Bracelet with Snake Zodiac Animal Sign 
    Lucky Charm for Health: Garnet Bracelet Snake Zodiac Animal Sign
    Lucky Charm for Wealth: Bracelet or Necklace with Pixiu Animal

    For the Snake people born in 1977, you heavenly stem is Ding and earthly branch is Si. Entering 2016, year of the Bing Shen Monkey, your earth branch Si will not be compatible with the Monkey year’s earth branch Shen. So, your fortune in all aspects will not be so good as expected. During the year, you are easy to become hot - tempered thus affect your relationship with others. If you want to spend a smooth year, you first need to control your mood, learn to accept more suggestions from others and deal with the partnership well.

    2016 will be a busy year for you Snakes born in 1977. Most of your time will be occupied by work. Because of your effort, you could make great progress in work this year. Although your career is in great progress, you are easy to offend others because of your bad temper. What you should remember is walking away from those things that don't concern you. Or you may offend others thus affect your work and reputation. If you plan to change the job, it’s suggested to do during the second half of the year. If you plan to start your own business in 2016, be careful to be cheated by friends. For new partners, better examine more about him/her then to make the decision.

    In financial aspect, your luck will be much better than that of last year. The beginning of 2016 will not be so good for you while the later year will turn to be better. If you were born in October or November (Chinese lunar month), you usually have a strong ability of keeping and managing the money. However, for people born in other months, you have more possibilities of losing money this year. Therefore, you should avoid impetuous consumption and investment. If you manage a business, you should care more about your old customers and staff. Listen more from them then your luck in wealth would be good. For investment, those having low-risk rate could be considered in 2016.The salaried are expected to get a salary increase as long as you behave well in work.

    Love Relationship
    In terms of love relationship, as long as you snake people born in 1977 could learn to care and communicate more with your partner, it will be good year for your relation. As the male snake will put more time in work and put your family in a secondary position, you are easy to break up with your wife as she thinks you care nothing about her. Also, you are easy to be attracted by the opposite sex which needs you to deal with properly. The singles especially for girls are expected to meet your favorite love introduced by relatives and friends. The friends or workmates may become your love if you pay much attention to them.

    In physical condition, you should care more about the changes of your body. Because it will be a busy year for you, you are highly suggested to strike a proper balance between work and rest. Besides, the injury of your hands should be cared in advance especially when you do housework. In diet, the spicy food should be less. In psychological aspect, you will often feel unutterably depressed. Better go out for traveling or do sports to help adjust the mood. So long as you keep a good mood, it will be a happy and unrestrained year for you.

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