Squares on mount venus


Mount of venus is well developed and healthy but there are so many lines comin from thumb and lower side and they form so many squares , also have squares under the index finger , a square and a triangle under middle finger , a star and triangles under ring finger , luck line has a diamond at base , haves a money triangle , haves a good health line , and a fame line , haves a square on mount of luna , and a trident at the base and top of luck line , but these squares on mount venus are a confusion , can u please elaborate what it would mean

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Healthy and developed Mount of venus means that you are healthy and in good spirits. You are kind, generous and friendly.

Squares under the index finger is a good sign that you will get rich sooner or later, and it will give you a certain degree of protection, and you can avoid troubles and turn misfortunes into good fortune.

So many lines comin from thumb and lower side and they form so many squares means you are more persistent. You don't let go easily when you encounter difficulties. Through your persistence, you can achieve very good achievements in your career.

If there is a a star and and triangles under your ring finger, then you are destined to be a blessed person. The triangular pattern under the ring finger is called "Golden House", which represents prosperous real estate luck and good fortune.

There are square patterns on the Moon Hill: abdominal surgery has been done.

Squares on mount venus are a confusion means you think too much and worry about things constantly.

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