Personality for Sheep People of B Type Blood

B-type Sheep are calm and talented yet not good at self-expression. They tend to be self-reclusive and self-abased and often miss the opportunities due to the personality restriction.


Sheep people of B-type blood don't like to be flamboyant or show off their achievements but keep a low profile. Honest and kind, they never make irresponsible remarks or flatter and inform secretly. They are ineloquent and silent but like to talk with familiar friends openly and sincerely. Also, they are quite emotional and cannot restrain inner sadness and weep for something sad; when they meet something delightful, they will go wild with joy and shed tears. It is the frank behavior that makes others feel quite real and attracts the opposite sex with the same personality. Although the marriage life is frustrated, B-type Sheep try to adapt and never have an affair but devote to family life after the birth of children.


They are so dull that everyone thinks they are asocial. When others are in spirits, they stand by as mute as a fish; in fact, they don't hate the scene but develop the character. Sheep of B-type blood are not good at controlling their temper and the bad mood sometimes had a negative effect on interpersonal communication. In daily life, they are neither hostile nor friendly, even the close friends cannot stand it. B-type Sheep are quite passive in a relationship and they never take the initiative to get close, even have no reaction at all. As a result, their lovers are often taken away by others.


Sheep of B-type blood may join some teams and learn the working and talking styles from those who are active in the interaction to improve their interactive competence. Also, they should learn to control their temper, or people around cannot stand them. Female B-type Sheep are gentle and lovely before marriage and generally good wives and kind mothers, so they are suggested to find a humorous, cheerful, persevering, unyielding and enterprising husband. Males are suggested to marry a plain, honest, lively and pure woman.

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