Personality for Rooster People of A Type Blood

Personality for Rooster People of Other Blood Types: 
Roosters of A-type blood are conservative and unwilling to teach others their skills for fear that they will be replaced. Also, they like to steal the skills of others and can keep devoted without complaining. With an indomitable personality, they endure any difficulty and setback with dogged will and behave like a hero. No matter under what kind of external pressure, they can always find a countermeasure quash the affair.


Being kindhearted and ready to help others, Rooster people of A blood type will go all out if their friends are in troubles. They are quick of wit, eloquent, lively, clever and delightful to everyone, because they are always humorous. A-type Roosters make the dull life colorful, make a judgment within the shortest time and come up with creative ideas. Taking ''strive to be better'' and ''never lag behind'' as life mottoes, they never give up readily and have a strong enterprise. With a clear-cut stand on what to love and what to hate, they hate enemy's guts but are devoted to friends. Humorous, witty, tactful and eloquent, they win the favor of opposite sex easily. In a love relationship, they are observant and read the other's mind clearly, so they can always cater to the other's pleasure. However, they are often 3-minute passionate and go with another. Therefore, it is quite difficult for them to remain devoted for the whole life.


A-type Roosters are simple and gullible. Smart yet impatient and impetuous, they never finish what they start, which is completely contrary to their inner perfect request. When they fall in love, they are not sincere enough and often play tricks. Though they could win favor quickly, they will suffer a crisis once the hypocritical side is found. Roosters of A blood type are ambitious and would like to win the first place in everything; once the advantage is overplayed, it will be a disadvantage. The excessive demand will lead to great mental stress and the improper handling will seriously affect physical and mental health.


In a love relationship, Roosters of A-type blood are suggested to be sincere; sometimes, it is lovelier to show certain weakness. Generally speaking, female Roosters of A-type blood are lively, optimistic, humorous and gorgeous, thus suitable to find a prudent, experienced, frank and accomplished husband. Males are suggested to have a tolerant, open-minded, gentle and optimistic wife.