Personality for Pig People of AB TYPE BLOOD

With an iron hand in a velvet glove, Pig people of AB-type blood keep smile to any people on any occasion but have their own ideas not affected by anyone. Since youth, they work, study and deal with everything in their own unique ways not swayed by anyone.


AB-type Pigs are independent rather than swayed by others or serve the hour. As a result, they won't affected by the flattery once in management and can be good superiors who know black from white; as subordinates, they are outspoken good employees upholding justice; as friends, they are objective and rational, speak frankly and can be intimate friends. Upright in character, AB-type Pig people like to help the poor and hate those who are arrogant and often bully others. They are highly responsible, conscientious and meticulous in work, and often do their best to work for everyone, which is quite impressive. Their serious and responsible attitude towards work is highly appreciated by the leadership, which will bring them more opportunities to undertake important tasks. Once they seize the great opportunities, they will accomplish something with their strong will, bold spirit and down-to-earth style.


The self-assertion reflects their stubborn character and the first impression plays a decisive role in their life. Once they hate something, they will completely reject it, regardless of other's opinions. Because of this, they often miss some right ones in love relationship, some good friends in interpersonal relationship, and some good chances in life and work.


AB-type Pigs are suggested to be flexible rather than too obsessed to rules. It is good to be independent but they just cannot keep deaf to others' voices. They may listen to others' advice and balance with their own ideas before making a decision, which will benefit life and work greatly. Gentle and cultivated, AB-type Pigs are quite stupid and immature in love. In view of this, males are suggested to find a smart, sharp-witted, optimistic, cheerful and virtuous wife while females are suggested to marry a shrewd, competent and far-sighted man.