Female Horse Personality Traits

Female Horses are energetic, fashionable, pretty, lively and light-headed. Some of them are gentle while some are unruly. However, they can always earn admiration from others.

Full of energy and motivated, Horse women dare to struggle in life. In spare time, they are active and like taking exercise. Also, they love fresh plants, outdoor scenery and nature, are full of positive energy and pass their joys to people around to make everyone happier.

Female Horses are always vibrant and lively in life. Even if they are frustrated, they can remain even-tempered and confident to tide over difficulties. The optimistic and confident Horse women are full of hope for future life.

Quite sensitive to love and relationship, they fall for someone easily and tend to take love as an important part in life. If their lovers propose a breakup, Female Horses may lose everything yet can get out of it quickly.

In their work, they are positive, diligent, studious, sincere, talented and passionate. Even the boring work can be creative and fun for them because they have the ability to revive and create a relaxed and natural atmosphere. Skilled in extrapolation and quite amiable, they are adept in communication with wisdom. Therefore, they can be good partner for colleagues and right hand for superiors.


The motivated and vigorous female Horses can work under great pressure and won't stop for a long time, thus quite energetic. They are always in high spirits and won't appear tired even when they are ill.

Efficient and Conscientious
Female Horses are efficient and conscientious at work and don't like to work sloppily. Whenever they are assigned with some tasks, they will act immediately and never put off till tomorrow what should be done today. Moreover, they are good at drawing inferences from one another, and their sharp thinking makes it easy to get things done. They hate other people's interference at work and they can be very serious until they finish the work.

Frank and Clear about What to Love or Hate
In daily life, female Horses are clear about what to love or hate. They are matter-of-fact, frank, upright and straightforward, and never cover up. In the eyes of family and friends, they are very reliable. In addition, they hold a direct attitude towards love and never pretend.


Seemingly enthusiastic and optimistic, Horse women are actually helpless inside. They find it hard to draw a blueprint for life and often move without direction, trust to luck and hate the routine work. With them, you will find they can work passionately but give up easily, showing the pessimistic side.

The highly dependent Horse women like the feeling of being protected. However, life is cruel and no one can protect them for a lifetime; they need to be independent. Therefore, female Horses are suggested to train the independence more.

The face-saving female Horses are materialistic, which is mainly illustrated by the way they make friends. When they interact with others, they consciously approach the strong and ignore the weak. Once you check their circle of friends, you will find everyone there is beneficial to them. If they find a friend useless, they may break off relations.

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