Male Horse Personality Traits

Male Horses are independent and unrestrained. Courage and confidence are the greatest strength of Horse men who are also easy-going and highly capable of management. They look fashionable, seek the limelight, move nimbly and have a swift response, which are inextricable with their habit of taking part in physical exercise. Also, they are quick-witted, cheerful, incandescent, sincere and optimistic. The shortcomings for them is that they are hot-headed, deaf to advice and short of patience and motivation despite they are ambitious.

In daily life, Horse men are energetic but impetuous. Their greatest strength is that they are confident and kind. Male Horses are not routineer. Instead, they prefer to dress up to the nines and choose the gorgeous and tacky peculiar style in light colors to join activities or parties. They are also fond of intellectual and physical activities.

As for love relationship, Male Horses can fall in and get out quickly. Although they adore the feeling of falling in love at first sight, they are suspicious of such relationship deep inside. For them, the most acceptable approach is developing from friends to lovers. Extremely sensitive to crisis in love, they may lose everything once fall in crazily.

Male Horses can take several tasks simultaneously and control the overall situation properly. Once they are determined, they will be devoted to the career without hesitation. They are either running around doing business or lying down exhaustedly. Generally, they act on their intuition.


Horse men are passionate and cheerful. Whenever you meet them on road, they would greet you from afar. It is easy to get along with them and they have the ability to buddy the strangers. With them, you don't need to have any inhibition since they are casual and have very few rules.

The humorous male Horses can always find fun in the boring life and pass it on, which becomes a special charm making them popular with girls. As a result, they are surrounded by the opposite sex and make other men jealous of!

Another strength making them popular is that they are generous, not only in money matters but also in life details. When going out for dinner, they will pay the bill generously; when they are stepped on, they will smile and say never mind. Even if you say something and hurt them indeliberately, they will forgive you and won't care about it. Generosity brings them more joys!


The active Horse men like to go fast and lack of patience and persistence. When things come up, they tend to be impulsive, short-tempered and deaf to others' advice. Sometimes, this attitude hurts both others and themselves.

Vain and Philistine
Male Horses are not good at money management and have the awareness of increasing income other than reducing expenditure. Meanwhile, they are face-saving, vain and tufthunting and always like to make friends with those who can bring them benefits. The philistine people, especially men, will lose a lot of joys and friends.

Male Horses won't be conscious of those who are really good to them, including their parents, until old enough. They often need some time to realize their responsibility for parents. From this point, you can see they are somewhat late-maturing.

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