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I would like to ask, as a sheep male (earth sheep, January 1980) how can I change the many negative qualities of Sheeps to improve quality of life personally and professionally and generally?

while I know there is no 'better or worse' sign in Chinese zodiac, despite reading many interpretations of the sheep sign, I feel as thought my sign seems to be simpletons in a flock, that have more disadvantages than any other sign. Compared with any other sign (such as Rat or Monkey which have short negativity lists), the negativity list for Sheeps are very long and include: slow to take action, miss opportunties, unskilled to take on adventurous and risky roles in their jobs, cannot be leaders, conservative, not independant, not pioneers, not decision makers, etc. As a man, these are all terrible problems to have! It also seems every year for the Sheep for the last 10 years has been average or bad; in 2017 the prediction is for an even worse year.

And for relationships, they seem to only get on with other docile animals like the horse, pigs and rabbits. While every sign has their advantages, I am not attracted to people of these 3 zodiac personality types that also lack strong personalities and leadership roles. This means, as a man, if I am docile and quiet, a sissy, and not even socialable preferring to stay indoors, I am fighting an uphill battle to attract a female of a very different sign who does not have these qualities and probably would not look upon them favourably.

I feel as though being a Sheep has locked my future into a boring and 'blue collar' person. Whilst other personalities have drive, confidence, opportunities, luck and a strong will, the sheep seems to be just another worker bee without any outstanding or redeeming qualities that would make them leaders in the world or captains of industry, or attractive to the opposite sex. Certainly no partner would be attracted to someone who is not sure of himself, quiet, docile, needy, or unable to be a leader.

How can a sheep change all these negative qualities to increase their chances for good fortune in life?

Thank you for taking my question.

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I think you worried too much. In fact, no matter people under what zodiac signs have good luck and bad luck. In the eyes of ancient Chinese people, Sheep has relations to many good happy and auspicous things. People born in the Sheep year are regarded as lucky, generous, kind-hearted and rich. Sheep could get a long with others and make great success. No natter in China or other countries, there are many famous people who are born in the Sheep year among them the most famous one is Bill Gates.
So, the personalities of the Sheep is just for your reference. Don't take it seriously. ​​
Thanks for your quick reply!

The first thing you said is I worry too much - which is also a bad quality of sheep! Haha
So one reason I take it so seriously is because I found I really fit the Sheep personality. I am always concerned that I cant 'break away' from the personality trait of Sheep, and that no matter how much I try, I cant achieve something that is not permitted by my sign type.

The other reason is I am in a relationship with a Rat zodiac sign, and before that, Monkey. We are very different, sometimes their thinking is so far away from my own, that they simply cannot understand why or how I think that way. As you probably already can guess, communication is difficult.
At the same time, I feel their qualities make them much more successful than me, and sooner or later, they may be tired of my slow, unassertive ways. I dont mind changing them - but how much and how far?
While I know many people of the Horse, Pig and Rabbit types, I find them too docile, too quiet and unexciting for my own taste. So I worry if I cannot attract or keep someone of the zodiac type I like such as Dragons, Monkeys, it may be better for me to be alone rather than settle with a compatible sign for which I may never truly be happy with.

Thank You.
By the way, just to clarify: I meant "I dont mind changing MYSELF", not change my partner. But if the purpose of a zodiac is to explain your personality, how much can I really change? And how long before one loses his or her own personality just in order to fit in the World?

I want to achieve many things, but I always feel indecisive, slow, worried, and lacking in risk taking. Not only is 2017 supposed to be 'the worst year of your life' for 1979 Sheeps, but my partner Rat, is potentially the worst combination for me. It also angers me that her business partners and friends are Ox, and its true I cannot get along with them AT ALL. I have nothing in common with them, and I find them aloof, rude and single-minded, yet they are her best friends.

For reference, my birth details are 24 Jan, 1980 (born at around 2200).

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