Career & marriage / love match


At which age I will meet my soulmate and at which age I will get married?
and how about my career with this guy?

my info:
date of birth 17/01/1994 (Chicken)
place of birth: Indonesia
birth time : probably early morning

my partner:
date of birth 05/12/1988 (Dragon)
place of birth: Indonesia
birth time -

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Hi Rhodanthe,

You may meet your soulmate or get married in one of the following years as in these years you are blessed with good luck in love and marriage:
Year of the Horse 2026, Year of the Rat 2020,Year of the Ox 2021, Year of the Snake 2025, Year of the Dragon 2024.

Chicken and Dragon are in one of the Six Compatible Groups(Liu He 六合) of Chinese zodiac which means you could get along very well and give each other a great or secret help no matter in love life or career.

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