I am Gemini tiger, and he is a Sagittarius Snake, and the book says we are not compatible as Tiger and Snake. But, we are as Sagittarius and Gemini to a good degree as opposite signs.
What I see in him is joy. In fact, why I write this is because I AM CONFUSED.
We have ton of things in common, likes, dislikes, and we are both care free and love to laugh.
But, he is more possessive, more deep, more likely to fall for me faster, more likely to be more possessive of me. These are maybe the characteristics of the Snake, but he is also a Sagittarius, and he possess a lot of Gemini traits too.

So it is a struggle for me. I dated a Libra Dragon and we had nothing in common, but sexual attraction. I dated an Aquarian Dog and had zero spark.

Can a Tiger and Snake get along? The problem for me is committing a hundred percent. But I am loyal physically a 100 percent to him, but I want to keep my options open somehow, this is the Tiger Gemini in me. He is ready to find and fall in love. I want to find love, but I don't want this love to pull me down just yet. I have my own plans that I need to achieve first before love. But I am seeking love too.

I go to great length to be with him, I am very loving, attentive, giving, caring, but down the line, I am worried about him getting too much into me especially I cannot relocate to his state very fast as he might expect.

We seem to have a smooth time together, no struggle at all. It just flows, no competition as a tiger at all. I am all about pleasing him.

So why the zodiac is putting tiger and snake as enemies?

My concern can happen with a Libra, or Aquarius, or any other sign?

Can it work for us?


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Hi Nadia,

In Chinese Zodiac, Tiger and Snake harm each other resulting things don’t go smoothly when stay together. You may have a lot in common and get along with each other very well. But if you get married, one of you may get ill or suffer a loss in wealth or have a declined career because one of you will have bad effect to the other.

I have seen an old couple of these two zodiac signs, before they get married, they have the same feeling with you, but when they are about 40, the husband suddenly got a serious illness and couldn't walk any more. I think this is because the wife harms the husband in terms of conflicting signs.

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